[electrical] Making an Electro-magnet, looking to soak up as much info and advice as possible

[electrical] Making an Electro-magnet, looking to soak up as much info and advice as possible

I apologize ahead of time for any misspelling and organization and if im in the wrong subreddit.

Alright so here is the deal, a friend and I come up with ideas and like to do the best we can to make it happen. We are both in Mechanical Engineering field however our latest project is going to have us building an electro-magnet. While we know a bit about magnetism and electricity, its just not our field of study so we just feel a little less sure about what we are doing, as opposed to something mechanical. Im honestly just gonna dump a bunch of info and see what you guys think. Feel free to correct any concepts im getting wrong, just tryin to learn! Alright enough of the background lets get to it.

Goal: So basically the task at hand is to make an electro-magnet operating with a switch. This magnet needs to hold something(Id give more info but we usually try to play it pretty close to the chest until the project is done) that is about 5-10 lbs very securely, like if the magnet is turned on, someone cant just pull it off.

Materials checklist so far is:

-Low Carbon Steel plate; roughly 12in x 6in x 1/2in this will be the core of the magnet which the wire is wrapped around.

-Magnetic Wire; we haven't decided on what gauge, something that will help with insulation so it wont burn anyone it comes into contact with.

-Power Source; haven't actually been thinking about this too much as i figured we would deal with it after we get the plate setup. Said power source will also have a switch as mentioned before.

Alright now to some questions:

  1. We want a thin layer of some material to cover the magnet up so that the object it comes into contact with wont be scratched. The plan is to build it and get it working properly then experiment with various cloths to see if we find a durable one that wont be too thick and interfere with the magnets purpose. Any suggestions about materials are welcome!

  2. As mentioned we do have a steel plate with a rough size for this idea. First step after we actually get the plate, we plan to round the corners a bit so the wire doesn't have as much wear and tear from coming into contact with the sharp edges. We assume it will still operate properly, now for the question. If we have to drill holes into it for any reason, will that affect the efficiency of the magnet by a substantial amount?

I think that is just about everything we have to work off so far. Hope you all give this a read and give some feedback like some others have, we look forward to reading what you all have to say! This project has already taught me so much! If all goes well, expect to see me posting in here more often! We'd love to share this project with all of you once we get it up and running! cheers!

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[electrical] Making an Electro-magnet, looking to soak up as much info and advice as possible

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