Templates for Design plans

Templates for Design plans

Hey, I'm managing an engineering project for the first time but I'm not an engineer. It's for a student team so professional know how is limited on the team. I want all the team leads to create design plans for the each stage of the design process but I'm unsure what should be included. So far I've got this.


2.0 System overview A technical description of the systems purpose and how it relates to the satellite.

2.1 This section consists of any drawing, diagrams and/or in depth descriptions of the component. Drawings and descriptions can be very simple as we are currently in phase one of the design plan. With your diagrams, give a brief description

2.2 List current design issues/bugs this includes but is not limited to issues of functionality, practicality, regulation/safety, and cost.

2.3 This section should just describe tasks that you need to do and when you need to do them. The timeline should be for at least 2 months from today, if you can go even longer and try to create a rough timeline for your system design, prototyping and production. Include tasks and the dates you want them to be done by. For now, format your timeline like this: Its a table that includes month, week, tasks, and time frame for each task

3.0 Additional Notes In this section add any additional notes that you feel do not fit into the above categories. Suggestions on how to improve the structure/content of this document are encouraged.

I've got a feeling that the document is too vague in some areas and is missing some important categories of information. Should the document be broken down into more specific categories? What else should I include in these templates. Any advice would be really helpful since this is all very new to me. Thanks.

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Templates for Design plans

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