Alternative Usage of UPS

Alternative Usage of UPS

Hello, I have posted in the #ECE subreddit about this matter so I apologize for the double post. I just want more feedback.

We had a major project whete we elevated our substations and as a result, we ended up with three 30KVA UPS systems. We want to utilize these systems in a different manner than their original functionality as the new UPS systems will not be compatible with these old systems. I have suggested that we can use them as Battery Chargers. But, are there any other alternative usagw than we can utilize for these old systems?

So far, using it a secondary UPS system or a backend to the Solar power supply has come up. Can there be more alternatives?

Thank you

Submitted May 18, 2017 at 05:40AM by Waltub
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Alternative Usage of UPS

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