Gas regulators: “gauges delivery pressure” versus “delivery pressure” – what’s the difference?

Gas regulators: “gauges delivery pressure” versus “delivery pressure” – what’s the difference?

Hi reddit. I need a gas regulator for a helium tank and I'm a bit confused by the terminology I'm seeing. I need to regulate the pressure from the tank into an instrument. The pressure in the instrument needs to be maintained at a constant 1.5 psi. My understanding is that a regulator such as this one ( works as follows: the first gauge reads the pressure on one side of the regulator (i.e. the tank pressure), and the second reads the pressure on the other side of the regulator (i.e. the pressure of the lines going from the regulator to my instrument). Is this correct? If so, I would naively call the pressure shown on gauge #2 the delivery pressure. The place I am getting confused is that Grainger has two values listed, one is called the "Gauges delivery pressure" and the other is called simply the "delivery pressure". What is the difference between these two values? What exactly is the delivery pressure measuring and what exactly is the gauges delivery pressure measuring?

As a bonus, here's how this question went down with tech support…

Thank you for contacting COPMANY. My name is HD Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

You ,My name is E. I'm looking to buy a gas regulator but I'm a bit confused by the terminology. What is the difference between "Gauges delivery pressure" and "delivery pressure"? .

HD Hello E, I would be happy to assist you today. . Did you have examples of item numbers that you are currently looking at that I can look up? .

You ,for example ##### . ,or ##### .

HD Thank you so much. One moment while I pull these items up. .

You ,is says that the gauges delivery pressure is 1000 psi, but the delivery pressure is 0-500 psi and I'm not sure which pressure is the one that I should actually care about 10:56 am.

HD Although I'm familiar with many of our products, the assistance of COMPANYs Technical Team is needed on this request. Please wait while I transfer you and your chat conversation to a Technical Product Support Agent. Please give the agent a minute to review your question and they will happily assist you further. .

You ,thank you Please wait while we transfer you… HD left PN joined .

PN, Hello, Thanks for joining us at COMPANY Technical Support, I am reviewing your chat history now so I can assist you shortly. On moment please. . You want to look at the delivery pressure.

You ,so what is the gauge delivery pressure? .

PN, )- 500 psi. . 0 – 500 psi .

You ,sorry. I mean what is the meaning of the term, gauge delivery pressure . ,and how is that different from just the delivery pressure 11:23 am.

PN, The delivery pressure range is the pressure you need for the application. .

You ,ok, and the gauges delivery pressure? .

PN, That is the gauges reading. 11:28 am. Is there anything else I can help you with today? .

You ,sorry, how is the reading on the gauges different from the pressure being delivered? . ,I thought the gauge was supposed to show the delivery pressure .

PN, You typically want a gauge delivery psi to be 1/2 of what the gauge reads in total .

You ,ok but I still don't understand what that means. So there is some pressure in the tank. There are two gauges, right? One gauge reads the pressure inside the tank, and one, I thought, reads the pressure that is actually being delivered to your system. Is that correct? .

PN, The one gauge shows psi in the tank the other shows the delievery psi going out of the regulator .

You ,right, ok. So the second gauge shows the delivery psi out of the regulator. Let's say it shows 10 psi. Is 10 psi the "delivery pressure" or the "gauges delivery pressure" ?

PN, You have a delivery pressure range and a delivery press gauge? . The gauge will read twice the range for the range delivery pressure. . the regulator delivers within the middle 2/3 of the regulator's rated delivery range .

You ,I'm sorry, this is still very confusing. Ok, let's say that my regulator is hooked up to a gas tank and I've got some flow from the tank to my end application. Gauge A reads the pressure in the tank, say 3000 psi. Gauge B (as on part number ####) reads 10 psi. Does that mean that there is 10 psi of gas in the line coming off of the regulator? If so, is 10 psi the pressure being delivered (delivery pressure) or the gauges delivery pressure? Basically, I'm trying to understand what the actual definition is of the two terms. Where exactly are the measured, what exactly do they mean? 11:40 am.

PN, What range do you need? .

You ,I need to deliver a consistent pressure of 1.7 psi at some times, and 15 psi at others. .

PN, The gauge will read 100 psi which is the delivery pressure gauge. . The delivery pressure range is what you regulate the delivery pressure range to be. . You are working with Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, correct? .

You ,yes . ,Helium

,why will the gauge read 100 psi if there's 3000 psi in the tank and 1.7 coming out of the regulator? That's where I'm hung up, what exactly is at 100 psi? Is the interior of the regulator being held at 100 psi? I'm just trying to understand where these numbers are physically coming from. .

PN, You are regulating it? .

You ,I want to buy a regulator for that purpose, yes .

PN, Ok, that is the difference. .

You ,what is? .

PN, I am going to ask you to call into 1-800-COMPANY to speak with a tech to help with your selection. .

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Gas regulators: “gauges delivery pressure” versus “delivery pressure” – what’s the difference?

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