Electromechanical resources – Motors, gearboxes, encoders

Electromechanical resources – Motors, gearboxes, encoders

Hi friends. I finished school and I'll be starting a new job soon in R&D where I'll be creating electromechanical prototypes often. In school, cost was a big constraint for these kinds of projects, so spending a lot of time finding the cheapest part that barely seems to meets your needs was justifiable. That won't be the case in this new job – projects will be well-funded, and time and robustness are the most important criteria.

Could you share any resources for DC motors, gearmotors, or optical encoders with me? Pure electrical components or pure mechanical components are easy to source, but all my normal go-to's like McMaster-Carr, Digikey seem light on electromechanical components.

I'd also be interested to know what companies you like to work with, and what companies provide parts you find trustworthy, etc. Thank you!

Submitted May 23, 2017 at 09:18PM by swingking8
via reddit http://ift.tt/2rOvoVa

Electromechanical resources – Motors, gearboxes, encoders

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