Would i be able to get a decent job related to engineering with a community college associate’s degree? (details in post, sorry if wrong sub)

Would i be able to get a decent job related to engineering with a community college associate’s degree? (details in post, sorry if wrong sub)

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, wasn't sure if this or r/engineeringstudents or some other sub would be better. Remove if wrong sub.

Anyway, I attended the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and the Arts (basically liberal arts) and graduated this past December. I didn't have a very good time there and after switching majors a couple of times I ended up graduating with a B.A. in Anthropology despite having no interest whatsoever in a career in that field, largely because I thought it would be better to graduate with something than to drop out and I thought my parents wouldn't want me to totally switch majors to something I was actually interested in like astronomy or engineering and have to spend another 2 years (or possibly more with pre-reqs) there. I'm incredibly angry at myself for wasting my parents' money like that and throwing away the opportunity to get a useful education at such a fairly well-esteemed institution (and a bit at the university too, for its utterly useless counselors who made me think it was a good idea and provided no real help whatsoever), but what's done is done and that's all beside the point.

I currently have a job as an ophthalmic medical assistant, and while it's a good job, I don't think this is the sort of field I want to stay in long-term and I don't think there's opportunity for significant advancement without a ton of further education (i.e. med school, which I'm not interested in anyway). What I really want is a career involving engineering design but also lots of working with my hands, physically building/disassembling/repairing mechanical/electrical devices. I'm guessing what I'm looking for wouldn't be considered a straight-up engineering job, but I want something with a bit more design/problem-solving than being just a mechanic in a repair shop. I also want to make a decent amount of money… I'm not asking to be rich, but I'd like to possibly move to Seattle in a couple years as I've heard it's a really nice city and the weather sounds perfect for me, and I understand it's a pretty expensive place to live, so I want to be making enough so that I can afford decent housing and not be struggling for money.

I could try to get back into U of M and get an B.S. in an engineering field (which should theoretically be possible), but I'd have to take out massive loans since my parents understandably aren't going to pay for me to go back, and I really don't want to do that unless it's the only way I could hope to achieve my dreams. My other option would be to get an associate's degree at my local community college, which offers various programs related to mechanical work and CAD programs. I'm sure a community college associate's degree isn't going to practically guarantee me a job of some kind like a bachelor's from a fairly prestigious university could, but would that still be a good move?

I'll also mention that I'd ideally like to move to wherever I plan to be for the next few years (say, Seattle) as soon as I'm done with schooling. Most of my friends are going to be leaving most likely within a year or two and making new friends in a college town where most people your age are only going to be staying for a couple years sucks. So while I'm certainly not going to rule out something like getting a certification and then getting experience in a lower-level job here for a few years so I can then get a higher paying job in a more expensive area, I'd rather be able to afford to move out there right after graduating, if that would be possible.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Would i be able to get a decent job related to engineering with a community college associate’s degree? (details in post, sorry if wrong sub)

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