PE work experience

PE work experience

Question about my work experience and time counted towards my PE. My timeline:

May-August 2016 Start work at design firm as an Intern

August-December 2016 Continue to work part time at firm while finishing my last semester of undergrad (~25 hrs a week).

December 2016 – Graduate undergrad/become registered EIT

January-May 2017 – Continue to work part time through first semester of grad school (~25 hrs a week)

May-August 2017 – Full time at at firm until school starts back up.

August-December 2017 – Work part time while I finish my last semester of grad school.

December 2017 – Expected graduation date for my Masters.

My question is, will my time worked as an intern count towards my PE? And since my Masters counts as 1 year, am I technically getting 2 years of experience? Will I be able to sit for the PE in 2 years after graduation instead of the usual 3? It's a structural firm btw.

Submitted June 02, 2017 at 05:40PM by DJDiddlesss
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PE work experience

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