Drafting as a career

Drafting as a career

Hi /r/engineering, I'm a second year CivEng student from Australia. So basically after a couple of years of struggling to balance study with working to support myself, I'm faced with the very real possibility of having to drop out of my course (whether the academic progress committee makes me or I do it myself). I'm planning on sticking it out for at least one more semester with a reduced workload to see how I go, but in the meantime I've been considering trying to get in to structural drafting, whether part time while I keep studying or as a plan B career.

So basically I'm after information about being a draftsman.

-How hard is it to get into an entry-level drafting job? I'm taking a class ('Spatial Communication for Engineering') next semester which includes a fair amount of AutoCAD and hand drafting, will that help?

-What's an ordinary day like?

-What're the career prospects like? How high can you go and how likely are you to stay in the same place forever?

-How difficult would it to be to transition into a true engineering job? What if I did online classes or something and (slowly) finished my degree while working?

-Anything else relevant you can think of?

If there's a better sub for this let me know. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Submitted June 04, 2017 at 12:22AM by doctorpotatomd
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Drafting as a career

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