Could this be designed?

Could this be designed?

I need a rubber stopper to plug up a hole. I want it to be bigger than the hole, but that it can fit inside to plug the hole once I squeeze it. After I let go, it will return to normal size and fill up the hole. Now, it's important that it can't be removed from the hole from the inside, so it can't be pushed out.

I have a feeling this is basic, as I was able to think this up and I have no understanding of engineering. If necessary, there could be two spring loaded pieces of metal that are wider than the stopper at rest, they contract when I squeeze it, and then they release back to wider once I let go, so the pieces of metal will act like hooks that can't be pried open or contracted from the inside.

Is there anything like this that's on the market? Is there any way to create it?

Thanks all!

Submitted June 06, 2017 at 05:59AM by SphericalWeight
via reddit

Could this be designed?

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