Help With Hydraulics Issue

Help With Hydraulics Issue

I have a double acting cylinder that when activated only extends even when put into reverse. There is a piloted 5/3 valve and a solenoid directional control valve that controls the 5/3 valve. I've checked both valves and they look to be in good order. I had a spare solenoid coil so I swapped that but still has same result. I swapped the hoses to the cylinder to see if cylinder was the problem. Now it only goes in reverse which means cylinder is in good order and valving most likely the issue. I have manually activated all valves and the spools seem to move smoothly. I am stumped though. Does anyone have any other insight on what the issue is or how I can trouble this.

Submitted June 05, 2017 at 10:45PM by NateCheznar
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Help With Hydraulics Issue

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