Structural Engineer – transition to Aerospace?

Structural Engineer – transition to Aerospace?

Hi All,

As the title implies, I am a licensed structural engineer (MS in Civil Engineering). Been at practice for 9 years in the commercial and industrial sectors.

I am very interested in aerospace engineering and wanted to put some feelers out for what that transition might entail. Have any of you made a similar jump or know of anyone who has? Know of any aerospace companies that have taken on a pure structural guy?

I suspect I would need to take some courses, maybe even get a masters in aerospace. There are some things that would cross over nicely (knowledge of FEM, stress/strain analysis, etc). I also have a bachelors in physics.

Curious to hear your take on it. Thanks in advance!

Submitted June 08, 2017 at 06:17PM by dutchmull
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Structural Engineer – transition to Aerospace?

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