Going into my 2nd degree in engineering

Going into my 2nd degree in engineering

Hello guys.

I am pursuing a second degree in engineering. My first degree was in pharmacology in the life sciences. After observing graduate students in my lab during my bachelor's degree, I became skeptical of pursuing further degrees in the life sciences field. I did manage to pull off first author paper but I couldn't imagine myself doing that a few times for another 4-5 years.

So I've explored… doing some jobs in various industries, working in pharma association, working as customer service rep in 3rd party, working in education industry teaching SAT and toefl…

And I stumbled upon engineering. It struck to me that I was always interested in constructing, planning, calculating things. Then, I decided to apply for a second degree in engineering and I got accepted.

However, I do have some concerns here. I will be starting this fall, but I am worried if this would not be a big waste of time for meas it would take me another 4-5 years includint mandatory coop.

I've looked into graduate programs in engineering to cut time, but it seems programs in Canada typically require you to have a bachelor in engineering.

If i really wanted to make the transition into the engineering field, is second degree the best and most suggested route of entry?

If I really worked hard at school and engage actively in coop, will I be able to secure a nice job and start all over again?

I do have some savings and I was so mentally prepared when I was applying to the program, but these doubts and thoughts of uncertainty have been bothering me nowadays…

I really need a help, insight from you guys.

Submitted June 10, 2017 at 11:59PM by hellodan92
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Going into my 2nd degree in engineering

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