Engineers in Construction/Development

Engineers in Construction/Development

I am planning to redirect my professional career away from civil design, and I am trying to make a well thought out transition. I have discovered a lack of enthusiasm for traditional "civil" design work. (heavy civil, underground infrastructure, surveying, etc.) I have made a commitment to obtain my Professional Engineering License, but I would like to transition into working more on the "construction and development" side of the coin – I am really interested in building cool facilities, manufacturing centers, campuses, architecturally unique structures – more than I am interested in Roads, Bridges, Dams. I love being actively involved in projects at the execution stage.

As I have researched various commercial general contractors, I am discovering a lack of "technical" involvement in the project execution, and it seems heavily focused on construction documentation management, scheduling, and budgeting. Many of these jobs seem extremely heavy on work-hours. Structural engineering firms seem too "heads down" for me – as a fairly outgoing guy, I cannot imagine grinding out designs in a cubicle for my career.

Does anybody have any recommended job types that I might consider? It seems like my perfect company/job just doesn't exist. A commercial general contractor with design-build capabilities, willing to develop an engineer (not just a CM) and care about work life balance – is that job even out there? I am starting to lose hope on finding the right niche. Are there developers that have "construction engineers" on staff? Should I work for a city that oversees developers? Professional Engineer Technical Rep? I need to be out and about, meeting clients, meeting with consultants in the field, calling up vendors, cranking out calcs when needed, providing technical support, reviewing drawings, etc. The solo design work is going to kill me eventually..I could not care any less about pipe alignments, grading, massive concrete basins, etc.

Submitted June 13, 2017 at 05:59PM by SierraDucks
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Engineers in Construction/Development

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