Advanced resources on plastic injection molding?

Advanced resources on plastic injection molding?

I have a background in designing/developing plastic parts for injection molding and I've worked pretty closes with mold makers in the past, but I've never delved too deeply into mold design.

As of late, I've been really interested in how material flow, during molding, affects the actual strength of molded parts and the likelihood of seeing failure modes that could not be predicted with simulations. This led me to become really curious about the more complex aspects of mold design that contribute to the flow of molten plastic and its eventual cooling.

It's not impossibly difficult to learn the conventions behind mold design (e.g. for a part of this size and material, use gates of this proportion, with runners of this spec, etc). But I'm really interested in learning about the rationale behind those conventions and any more advanced mold design conventions that might offer greater performance but be less common due to cost restrictions. I'm also really interested in any content that talks about mold material characteristics, in terms of both optimizing for desirable heat transfer and tool longevity.

This is largely for my personal edification but, if you have any suggestions, I'd be enormously grateful!

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Advanced resources on plastic injection molding?

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