Does This type of business exist? / is it sustainable?

Does This type of business exist? / is it sustainable?

So my unlikely dream is to create a place for people with ideas to come to get a full service work up from conceptualization to finished product.

I see a gap between the common public and people who know how to "make" and create and design.

For instance I am working with someone in the pest control industry, he wants a simple bait trap that he can re-use because they dont exist, so I did the CAD drawings, 3-D printed prototypes, sent it out in his industry, tested, redesigned, and we would like to apply for a patent.

But that got me thinking what If I had a spot where its CAD, graphic design, laser cutting, 3-D printing, woods, metals, etc.

You can come in at any stage of design or with nothing at all and work with a diverse set of people to make your idea, whether it be to sell or to just be for fun.

I know i see places that do like 3-D printing, or milling, or some design. But i would love to incorporate that all. And im NOT targeting ya know the "big players."

Im talking average Joe, if he wants to make something, come on down and lets work this out. I think there is a need no?

Now dont worry Im not taking this too seriously at all haha, the prices would most likely be insane right?

Not sure if this exactly was the right subreddit for this hahaha.

Submitted June 16, 2017 at 09:16PM by thanksfortheride
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Does This type of business exist? / is it sustainable?

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