Help with hydraulic cylinder part selection

Help with hydraulic cylinder part selection

I am trying to lift around 1400 pounds vertically for a piece of farming equipment using a single-acting hydraulic cylinder. For cost and reliability reasons I would like to use a hand pump to do so. The issue I am having is that the stroke needs to be at least 40 inches, and I am having a hard time finding a pump with both large enough reservoir to accommodate the stroke and a high enough oil output per cycle to be able to raise the cylinder quickly (~5-10 minutes max).

Most pumps that I have found put out less than 1 in3 of per stroke but are rated to around 10,000 pounds. Does anyone know where I might find hand pumps designed for lower pressure, higher volume applications? I found this video of a hand-operated dumping trailer, which seems to use a pump that would suit my needs, but have been unable to find anything similar to the pump it uses.

I also haven't been able to find very many single-acting hydraulic cylinders with longer strokes (>40 in), though I have found an abundance of double-acting cylinders. My understanding is that I can use a double-acting as a single-acting by simply capping one of the ports. Is this correct? Are there any single-acting cylinder suppliers that make long-stroke models that people know of?

Thanks in advance for any help/reccomendations.

Submitted June 16, 2017 at 07:29PM by cnor_
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Help with hydraulic cylinder part selection

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