55 gallon drum crush/burst pressure

55 gallon drum crush/burst pressure

I am thinking of making a Venturi vacuum for draining machine tool coolant sumps, and we've got a couple of old 55 gallon drums lying around that the vac could screw onto for use. I have seen those drums buckle under vacuum so obviously including safety valves in the design will be important, but I am having trouble finding good information of the pressure that those drums can handle.

I'd like to make the vac reversible so that after draining coolant into the drum we can switch over and push it back out into a different container for disposal, so both crush and burst pressures will need to be considered. Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

Submitted June 19, 2017 at 01:06PM by FeralBadger
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55 gallon drum crush/burst pressure

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