Aggressive recruiting Agencies. Was this out of line?

Aggressive recruiting Agencies. Was this out of line?

Engineering can be a lucrative career path, and as such there are entire businesses that revolve around job placement for engineers. With career changes happening more and more often, especially for millennials, getting contacted by recruiters should be common for all of us.

Well today I am returning to work after 5 days of camping with my family. I found three voicemails, 5 emails, and a couple LinkedIn messages from different recruiters, but many of them were from the same one.

This morning, I had my phone on "do not disturb", and let the receptionist know I'd be playing catch-up all morning. Well one recruiter decided to call anyway, tell the receptionist it was an urgent matter, and have her physically walk to my desk to ask if I'd take the call. As soon as I heard the company name, I knew who it was.

I told him it was highly inappropriate to be calling me on my work phone (which was not on my resume), during work hours, and to lie about the nature of the call while being honest about the company name. This put me in a precarious situation where my employer now knows I'm taking calls from recruiters when I wanted to keep my job search a secret. Not to mention the fact that I was returning to 153 unread emails, 15 voicemails, and countless questions from colleagues regarding existing projects.

The fact is I was livid. I hastily wrote him a reply email explaining why I thought what he did was inappropriate. I then contacted the recruiting agency itself (since many recruiters are independent contractors) to let them know how their agent is handling his business and their name/reputation. I even left them a bad Google review, in my rage-induced thirst for petty revenge, with no one to take it out on.

Is my irritation justified? Have you guys had any bad experience with aggressive recruiters? At what point do you think they crossed the line?

Submitted June 20, 2017 at 03:16PM by rawbface
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Aggressive recruiting Agencies. Was this out of line?

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