Help me understand Cooling Numbers Please

Help me understand Cooling Numbers Please

Background: I was an electrical engineer for a few years and currently work in software. So, I have some understanding of systems in a general way, however I did minimal with them theoretically or professionally. I do enjoy actually seeing numbers and data if it helps explain though 🙂

I am trying to understand how BTU/Watts relates to cooling of area. Now, I know that insulation, area size, temperature differences (creating 5F difference versus a 50F difference), and other factors also matter so this may be too general of a question.

1) A general window A/C Unit which outputs 5,000 BTU
2) is industrial grade Peltier (I think) which has similar cooling capacity at just over 4,300 BTU.
3) Claims to have 72 Watts of cooling (which seems unrealistic since that would mean 0 watts for fans and 0 loss) and 72 watts of cooling = 245 BTU

The 5,000 BTU window unit box says good for rooms up to 13'X20' (not sure what height is assumed). The industrial heat exchanger I think I saw was listed for 8'X6'X3', but did not save the page and it is a totally different comparison for room someone lives in versus cabinet full of electric devices running…

Actual question time

Anyway, so what I am trying to figure out is: how is it determined what area a unit can cool? The small peltier listed on amazon will not work very well for a bedroom someone sleeps in, however if you get 5 of those running… Maybe okay? Added onto that, A/C units with compressors are not meant to run constantly, they are meant to turn on/off/on/off whereas a peltier (I believe) has no issue running constantly.

I used the "Mechanical" flair since that seemed to be the most accurate option.

Submitted June 23, 2017 at 10:38PM by cn1ght
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Help me understand Cooling Numbers Please

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