Mechanical PE Test Prep Question

Mechanical PE Test Prep Question

I'm sitting for the HVAC and Refrigeration exam in October (Georgia) and am using the Lindeburg reference manual, practice problems, etc. to prepare. I have a couple questions/concerns:

1) For those that have used the Lindeburg test prep material: were the practice problems significantly harder than the actual exam question? I have heard that this is the case, and find the practice problem very challenging. Just wanted to be a poll on this.

2) What's the best way to label the Appendices and Tables in the back of the book? For the HVAC & Refrigeration exam, which ones did you find most useful? Which ones can I forget about?

3) Are these any specific topics that I should make sure I know well? Any topics that I should become exceptionally fluent in?

4) Which old text book(s) should I bring with me? I've heard that I need to make sure I bring a Thermo book I am familiar with…

4) Finally, what was your test prep strategy? Any high-level tips for someone who is already nervous about the exam?


Submitted June 25, 2017 at 05:22PM by jaroper
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Mechanical PE Test Prep Question

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