Bell Labs and its current state

Bell Labs and its current state

Hey guys. Don't know if I'm in the right subreddit to talk about this. But today I drove by Bell Labs and got a view of how bad of shape it is in. For a place with such history in the field of science I expected more. I mean earlier this year I was talking to my professor and told him I would love to work their one day as an engineer. Maybe I can develop the next big thing. It looks like no one has touched it in years despite the being maybe 20 cars in the parking lot. I was thinking that if you went in there you would find wild animals. It's just crazy to think about how far that place has fallen. Maybe one day it will bounce back to its former glory. Just felt like sharing. I feel like if anyone can appreciate the work done at Bell Labs it would be other programmers/engineers.

Submitted June 29, 2017 at 05:38PM by KJTHEDECEIVER
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Bell Labs and its current state

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