Can a nobody donate to your cause?

Can a nobody donate to your cause?


I am a nobody on this site that only contributes to my hobbie subreddits, mostly guns, some of my doggo, and my old cars. I have interest in all things engineering and mechanical.

I was inspired by this post where I wish I could directly contribute cash donations to that cause and I will contribute with proof if I still can. I figure that is a no go.

Therefore I bring this post to a small subreddit where I feel this may help.

If you have a cause that is science or engineering related please post with information. I will try to donate what I can to all. Bonus if I am able to donate directly with PayPal as I have gun funds in there that I would like to give to the greater good. I am a new father still paying off my and my wife's student debts, but I see more value in contributing to research that my son will benefit from.

This post brought to you by some dummy engineer fueled by totos vodka, happy freedom weekend to us blessed enough to be born in the US.

Submitted July 01, 2017 at 12:39AM by nitsuJcixelsyD
via reddit

Can a nobody donate to your cause?

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