Machine-Readable repository of Engineering Equations?

Machine-Readable repository of Engineering Equations?

There a plenty of resources for human-readable engineering equations. is a great example. Is there a machine-readable database of engineering equations? I'm making an engineering notebook out with Jupyter. Currently I have to manually define each equation that I would like to solve.

If it doesn't exist, would anybody else like to collaborate on a github project? I imagine that the database would include …

  • the name(s) of each equation,
  • a "canonical form" of the equation,
  • alternative forms of the equations
  • perhaps related equations (simplified forms, more generic forms, different coordinate systems etc.)
  • the quantities,
  • the names of the quantities,
  • the dimensions of each quantity,
  • etc.

This would be an open-source project where anybody could programmatically search the database. If a suitable database doesn't exist, let me know how you'd want to divide and conquer a project like this.

It could go beyond just equations and include more empirical information such a tables of standard components (american wire gauge, nominal pipe size, etc.) or physical properties of common materials.

Submitted July 03, 2017 at 12:08PM by SecretOfBatmana
via reddit

Machine-Readable repository of Engineering Equations?

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