A question from a novice

A question from a novice

I apologize if I'm in the wrong subreddit; any direction to the appropriate area would be greatly appreciated. I'll premptively cross-post this to r/DIY and r/resincasting.

It's rather straight forward. My best friend passed away a few years ago and I moved in with her family to help them for a year after her passing. As a thank you, her widowed husband gave me a bag of her old toiletries as I often have uses to repurpose these items which I thought nearly nothing of.

Well, it's been some time now and I finally got around to sorting that bag when I realized her fingerprints were acidentally preserved in some of the makeup items.

I would like very much to make a mold/cast her fingerprints for myself and as gifts for her daughters and the grandkids who have been born since. I am unsure how this would work as even the slightest amount of heat could threaten the prints due to the highly maluable nature of the material they have been left behind in. If anyone has done a project similar to this or knows of a technique that could give me the fine details of a fingerprint without damaging the raw prints through heat or pressure I would owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thanks for reading!

Submitted July 05, 2017 at 08:24PM by theimminentbamboozle
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A question from a novice

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