Anyone work for tesla?

Anyone work for tesla?

A recruiter contacted me and told me I should apply. I did and now I am waiting to hear back.

I've been an engineer for 2 years now, did 2 years of internships too. I have a great job right now that I really like and I make good money. I live on the East Coast and this is my home, I love it here. All of my family and friends are here and we are really close.

Also, I just bought a house here a little under a year ago.

Is Tesla too good of an opportunity to pass up? Reading the reviews, it looks like they don't pay very well and you work a shit ton of hours, including weekends. And I know the Bay Area is ridiculously expensive.

Submitted July 08, 2017 at 08:19PM by dontwantkids123
via reddit

Anyone work for tesla?

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