Feel In the middle of 2 Disciplines. But not part of either.

Feel In the middle of 2 Disciplines. But not part of either.

Hi, I am writing this as a junior in college doing an EE degree. For the last 4-6 years, I have been writing code. A good portion of my free time consisted of me programming for "fun". However when I started college, my thought process was that since I am programming on my own, I want my degree to teach me something else, so I picked EE.

This is where my problem lies. At this point I feel as though I am at a good point. I can code alongside my CSE buddies and am at a good "level" in my programming. However I am starting to notice that CSE students are learning things at a much faster pace than I did when I was learning them (eg: Web languages / OpenGL / optimizations and many more ) and they learn them with much less gaps in knowledge than I did.

All this is while my buddies completely focusing on EE are excelling at that. They have a much more intuitive understanding of electronics and circuitry than I have( as making circuits was their hobby while mines was writing code )

So this is my current position and It scares me. There are 2 more years of school, and at this pace, when I graduate, I can't imagine why people would wanna hire someone who isn't focused on his field.

My way to combat this currently is to learn much lower level code. learn about operating systems / Linux kernel / Device Drivers / Kernel modules / x86 assembly etc. This made sense to me as a half/half skillset will be well suited for things like writing firmware and device drivers. This is however currently a big time investment and keeping it up means I won't be able to a) gain the intuitive EE knowledge I am missing b) Write fun code such as games and simulations for a while, until I get over unfamiliar territory (the low level stuff)

Any thoughts on this? I am worried investing my time in this can backfire.

edit: there -> their

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Feel In the middle of 2 Disciplines. But not part of either.

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