Hyperloop Semi Space Elevator Theory

Hyperloop Semi Space Elevator Theory

Ok I'm not an Engineer or a student of Engineering but I do have a theory I've been thinking about for a while now about how to get into Earth's orbit more frequently, more effortlessly and cheaply.

It starts with 'hyperloop'. I hope most people here have heard of hyperloop and I'm just going to assume that you do, just to keep it short.

Keeping in mind that hyperloop transportation systems have a theoretical top speed of 1,200kmh or even faster is in a semi vacuum, can carry humans and cargo.

Anyways, if you were to make the hyperloop track/pipe vertical instead of horizontal and long enough so you can get to top speed (1,200kmh) and have an opening at the top/end and with a projectile weighing few metric ton. Could you still be fast enough, with the forces of gravity to get into space and more importantly Earth's orbit? Space is approx 100km altitude (give or take)?

Like a bullet shot out of a gun straight up in the air which can only go a few kilometres. But this will be on a much larger scale.

I thought of this because hyperloop technology is awesome! And it is theoretically very low energy. I know the building and construction is very expensive (multiple Billions) but you could retro fit it on pre-existing buildings like the Burj Khalifa or something taller in the future, have most of it underground or ground level and then turn the track gradually 90 degrees. All major cities could build this!

I like to think that this is like a slingshot or a gun and can take a lot of the cost out of first stage rocket launches and be much more sustainable, cheaper, efficient and better for the environment than current rockets.

Also I was thinking the hyperloop rocket could have fuel on board to get up as high as possible and for emergency. The fuel load would be lighter too.

Anyways keen to know if this theoretically works! Been bugging me for ages! (I know if you have a long enough tube it will probably work but that would be a more of a space elevator )

Submitted July 13, 2017 at 05:44AM by Ju5t-0
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Hyperloop Semi Space Elevator Theory

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