What did you wish you knew as a kid?

What did you wish you knew as a kid?

I'm going into the 11th grade, 100% sure that I want to be an engineer. I live in waterloo so that's a huge advantage; and my dad recently got a full-time job in a new section in the engineering department that I had already wanted to apply to, so not only do I already live in the city of my dream school, I get to attend for free.

I am also a smart-ass. I love to know things. This could be ADHD, this could be the way my brain grew; I just honestly want to know more and more.

What concepts, words, systems, or processes are you guys passionate about that you'd actually like to tell me about? I probably know a bit more than you think (or less) but if you think something will go over my head, tell me anyways. I'd love to try to understand.

I am interested in anything STEM related by the way, and I am especially good at math, chemistry and physics; but I am most interested in biology, calculus, physics, and medical practices.

Submitted July 16, 2017 at 12:41PM by azeuel
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What did you wish you knew as a kid?

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