Coming up with New Ideas (Industry Practice Question)

Coming up with New Ideas (Industry Practice Question)

Good morning fellow engineers. I've been looking for some general advice around the process of generating new ideas and products as an engineer in industry. Obviously innovation is a tough topic with many paths to success. I'm really curious how the rest of you go through the idea generation process either for yourself or at the company you work for. Specifically;

Are you as engineers tasked with finding new product ideas?

Is the problem already defined by management and then given to you to solve?

Where do you go for inspiration? Do you go out into the field? Do you solicit feedback from current customers?

How do you identify a need or problem in the world?

Do you do a lot of trial and error experimentation in a shop/lab/office just playing with ideas?

Are there any books or resources you've read that you'd recommend?

I'm coming at this from a mechanical perspective in the agriculture equipment industry. I'd love to hear your thoughts just on process and what works best for you.

TL;DR How do you as engineers approach the problem of coming up with new products/ideas?

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 08:19AM by mitofire
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Coming up with New Ideas (Industry Practice Question)

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