Nothing to do at work

Nothing to do at work

I managed to get an internship last year by knowing someone who was among the top senior level executives in the company, and they offered me a full time job upon graduation this May.

This is my second month and it has been a week or two since I have had any kind of real work. We had a senior level engineer resign to go work with an old company, and our team leader who was responsible for a large chunk of our office also resigned to relocate to another state.

This adds a lot of pressure and work to the other engineers in my group, but they don't have much time to train me and assign me tasks. So I am sitting here looking at Submittals and Meeting Minutes after the new manager basically told me he doesn't have any real work for me, so he assigned me the task of "looking at project documents and getting a broader understanding of our work".

I can only do so much of that until I lose focus and dont know how to obtain value from "looking at documents".

I am just concerned that without providing any use, they may decide to let me go. Especially since the person who got me the job also no longer works here. The manager did say on Friday afternoon that they will need me soon and that we are just going through a "speedbump", but I am still worried.

What do y'all suggest? How can I provide value?

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 02:48PM by MQ1993
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Nothing to do at work

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