Request for Resources in Custom manufacturing

Request for Resources in Custom manufacturing

Hi r/engineering – I've worked almost solely in small companies which produce high-end, custom work. The thing is, they're always chaos – late shipments, inefficient work flows, etc. Designs are almost never the same twice, and are often changing well into the production process.

Our typically high costs and long lead times often seem to be the price our customers pay for unique solutions and flexibility. But I see tons of room for improvement to make the design & production processes more efficient.

I'm interested in operations & industrial engineering, and I've looked into Lean, Six Sigma, and other proven methodologies – but I'm struggling to find material focused on low volume, highly variable work. There are certainly concepts that are applicable, but I'm hoping for a wholesale approach.

If anyone can point me toward any books, forums, or University programs which specialize in this area, I would greatly appreciate it.


Submitted July 17, 2017 at 06:09PM by Metacomplainer420
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Request for Resources in Custom manufacturing

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