I’m having a pretty hard choice right now I need some input from all of you

I’m having a pretty hard choice right now I need some input from all of you

So I got out of the navy I spend 4 years in so I wouldn't have any student loans. Know that I'm out I've decided with engineering as the majority of engineering fields actually do interest me. At first I started with .mechanical engineer. I bounced to chemical for a bit. But really after sitting down. And really thinking about it I have figured my best choices would be computer engineering (hardware) Or software engineering I'm choosing this and kind of meaning towards software mainly for some personal reasons and things I would like to build.

I am having a extremely hard time choosing between the 2. On one side if I choose software engineer I'll be able to build all that cool stuff and all of those programs I've wanted to build. I'd be able to take up hobby I have had extreme interest in that deal with coding.

On the other side as a computer engineer my mom is a director of a large company and as long as I keep good grades to prove I won't sully her name I'm pretty damn sure I'll be able to get a job right after school for that initial experience I see a lot of people having a hard time getting.

Work wise I feel that I would enjoy both of them enough to the point were I will be challenged occasionally and won't be driven Insane by boredom all though that really is in all jobs..

So what do I choose

.Software. .Or. .Computer.

I think I'm having so much trouble choosing because I don't really have another shot if I get this wrong. And I'm really stressing about this. I choose a job I hated while in the military I thought I would like it and I sure as high in hells water do not want to work a job I hate again that was the worst feeling in the world like chewing on broken glass I got depressed and at one point had to go to a ward because my chain of command was actually worried I would hurt myself.. I never want to go through that again

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I’m having a pretty hard choice right now I need some input from all of you

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