screening/ filtering equipment

screening/ filtering equipment

I'm looking for a method to remove solids/ large orangic matter from water.

Scenerio: Have about a gallon of water. This water accumulates various forms of large organic matter (dead insects, pollen, etc). The water collected in a holding tank and is funneled through a valve, into a cooling chamber, the water is then tested for various things that may come from the process in which the water was used (to test for equipment failure.) The water is then pumped back through to a holding tank ready to be used for this process.

I was looking for a method to screen by having the water fall over a screen into another funnel. this screen would mechanically rotate out. But there has to be a better solution. I am open to suggestions. If I haven't clarified enough let me know.

Submitted July 18, 2017 at 08:25AM by turkeyfarmer32
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screening/ filtering equipment

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