Didn’t get accepted to UW for A&A

Didn’t get accepted to UW for A&A

Hi all. I recently was rejected for admission to UW for A&A (Aeronautics and Astronautics). This has been my dream for the past 3 years and to see it evaporate that quickly is honestly devastating. I was applying as a transfer student into UW with a major GPA of 3.61. I have participated in the Aerospace team at my local community college, done tons of extracurricular work with the engineering department, and participated in NASA's NCAS program as a community college student. I felt as if I had a good chance. Now it seems as if an Aerospace Engineering degree is impossible. There are no other colleges that offer this major where I live (Washington). I am going to be going for Mechanical Engineering at WSU this fall instead. I was wondering, does a degree in mechanical engineering hinder you at all w.r.t. getting a job at an Aerospace/Aeronautical company? Or is ME just fine. I am mainly just feeling worried since I had a clear view of my path, but it has been changed by this one decision.

Submitted July 24, 2017 at 01:09PM by loganpat
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Didn’t get accepted to UW for A&A

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