How Is The job market currently in europe?

How Is The job market currently in europe?

Hello all! I'm a current civil engineering student at a Polytechnic University in California, and by next year at this time I will have graduated with my degree. I have worked as an engineering intern for a city for over two years now (construction engineering management for my first year, and now currently in traffic engineering), and I will most likely work there until I graduate.

I'm very interested in transportation engineering (especially rail), and recently my longterm girlfriend and I (she's also graduating next year with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the same school) have been looking to possibly relocating in Europe within the next few years. I've always kind of heard that engineers are in need overseas, but honestly since no one talks about it where I'm from, I honestly have no clue how it is currently. So does anyone know how the market is for civil engineering as well as mechanical engineering (my gf is interested in biomechanical but is still open to most disciplines) currently? Our plan was to work for a couple years here in California before we look to move to save money and such, so I know things can change between now and then, but I want to sort of get an idea.

We are namely looking into Western European Countries within the EU (such as Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, ect.), but honestly we would be open to any new experience.

I speak english fluently, as well as a good amount of spanish My girlfriend speaks english and spanish fluently, and is learning Italian.

We both admire learning new languages though so we would also be committed in learning any new language need be.

Also I am also a dual US/Italian Citizen (I have never lived in Italy but I am a citizen through my parents), so I would not need to get a work visa within the EU, and my gf is just a US citizen. By then though we will likely be engaged or even married.

Sorry if this is a bunch of random information, but I'm just now getting started in the process and and just curious about everything. Would it be hard for us to find jobs? Would it be too big of a risk to move and then try to find a job? Would being an Italian Citizen help me a lot? So if anyone could give us info/advice, we would both really appreciate it!

And just to add we are both also interested in attending grad school possibly in Europe as well, but that is just a thought.

Thank you!

TL;DR: My partner and I are graduating next year with engineering degrees (Civil and Mechanical), and are looking to move to a European country within the next few years. Would it be hard for us? How is the market for engineers? Thanks!

Submitted July 24, 2017 at 08:06PM by coastercrutchfield
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How Is The job market currently in europe?

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