Need help with an exception

Need help with an exception

Hi all,

This is mostly aimed at civil/structural engineers and I hope this isn't an inappropriate question, but here goes.

I've been working as a structural designer in Los Angeles for a about 9 months now mostly working in 1 or 2 story residential buildings. I recently designed a new 3-story house and just got back the corrections from the building department. One of them that I've been having trouble with is requiring 3000 psi concrete for the foundation (standard we use is 2500 psi) as it is a 3-story structure and he points to the 2016 CBC. I reviewed the table he pointed to (Table 1808.8.1) and determined it was a valid request. However, as many of you may know, this would require a special inspections which we typically prefer to avoid if possible so I researched and read over the CBC sections but could not find any sort of exceptions. However, according to the architect, she claims that she has done plenty of other 3-story houses that were okay with using 2500 psi, so I'm wondering if I am just overlooking an exception I can use? Or is it possible that so many other plan checkers have missed that? I have worked with her a bunch and I trust her so I know she's not lying about it.

I've asked other people at my office, but no one has experienced that before. And my boss has been out of the office, so I haven't been able to ask her. So as a last resort I have come to you all with hopes that someone will know of something I can use.

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Need help with an exception

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