Second degree or masters degree

Second degree or masters degree

I apologize in advance for the wall of text.

I graduated from Boston University in May of 2016 with a BS in ME. However rather than jump into industry, i joined the Navy and am currently an instructor at Naval nuclear power training command, where I'll be for the next 3-4 years. I've finished my trainup here, and with my new free time I plan to start pursuing another degree so I can stay relevant despite leaving the traditional engoneerong world behind. With that said, I've been really struggling to decide what kind of degree I'd like to pursue. Ideally, I'd love to work in the aerospace industry (no preference between airplanes or spacecraft) but I recognize that this is a tough industry to break into. I had some experience working with small satellites in undergrad, but that'll be years behind me by the time I'm applying for jobs. Now orginally, I figured I'd look into a systems engineering degree as I'd like to be a system integrator, but looking at forum posts about that degree, it seems that the degree itself isn't particularly useful, and job experience is what gets you those systems engineering positions. I've also thought about getting a control systems degree but I hear many companies won't hire control engineers who aren't EE's.

More recently I've had a crazy thought. What if I tried to pursue a master's in EE? Is that going to be possible as a ME grad? What if I say screw it to the Masters idea, and pursue a second bachelor's in EE? Would a move like that be better for my career than pursuing a master's in ME seeing as I already have the BS in ME?

I'm looking for any and all advice. Thanks for the input.

TLDR: Navy instruct with a bachelor's in ME looking for advice on what degree to pursue to stay relevant in engineering (masters degree or second bachelor's)

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Second degree or masters degree

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