How do you organize information & documentation?

How do you organize information & documentation?

Hi all,

This is something i've been struggling with for some time. I'm a mechanical engineer and it can be very broad at times.

I'm having a hard time with how to document information so that it is easily accessable later on, that might be a month or a year later.

This comprises of Documentation sheets from suppliers, pictures of existing installations that show a specific part, drawings, sketches, e-mails, calculations and european/dutch/asme standards that i've read and made notes on (the standards really need some interpretation)

Now for projects there is a documentation system with everything being checked and with revision control.

I've tried making complete notes on paper, but they kind of have to be put into something else that i kan keep for longer.

I've tried with paper folders, seems to work ok, except that if i'm not at the office i can't get to it, and it seems to get out of control kind of fast. This in combination with my notebook is how i do it now.

Folders on a networked drive works for supplier documentation, so i use that for pdf's about valves, instruments etc. But it is hard to organize it in an efficient way and adding my own notes to specific parts.

I've looked at using one note to organize, but i have no idea how to do that in a way that is logical. I'm thinking of organizing it to a subject, but i have no idea how to do that well.

So to come back to the question. Do any of you have better idea's to organize it? How do you do it?

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How do you organize information & documentation?

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