Failing concrete frame?

Failing concrete frame?

I have a building that is suffering from movement due to what has been determined as a large tree (which is to be dealt with). The movement laterally is about 50mm. It's a late 60's concrete frame with block wall infills (and concrete panels on external face). I can't see any cracking in the frame or soffits, but can in the blocks.

Today I heard 4 or 5 short 'popping' sounds, over a few hours. It sounded like they were around floor level and I can only describe it as a mechanical, maybe metal, failing sound. I'm obviously concerned this could be the rebar?? But still no cracks.

Any idea what it could be – could it be rebar? Hypothetically, if there was a failure, could it cause a collapse? It is 4 storeys. We are on the top floor. I'm told the slabs are 150mm thick and the columns are about 400×200 at 4000mm spacing.

The insurance company are monitoring it, but I don't think being proactive enough.

Submitted July 31, 2017 at 03:32PM by Corbu67
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Failing concrete frame?

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