Aluminum on Aluminum questions

Aluminum on Aluminum questions

Hello, I'm designing an aperture that needs to be able to spin +/- 180 while also being cooled by liquid nitrogen. To accomplish this, I want to create a bushing out of aluminum that will have LN channels inside of it (most likely a 3d printed blank with some finish machining performed). An aluminum aperture will slide into the Bushing and then have a flange bolted on to constrain it inside the Bushing. LN will flow through the Bushing block and cool the aperture via conduction. I'll have to control the diameters very precisely as well as surface finish on the bearing surfaces to get satisfactory motion out of the aperture.

My question is do you think that I'll run into any seizing issues between the two parts when they're at like -300F?

Submitted August 01, 2017 at 10:06AM by Black_Rifles_Matter
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Aluminum on Aluminum questions

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