Real-world voltage-controlled voltage source

Real-world voltage-controlled voltage source

I'm a recent Electrical Engineering grad at a new job. In school I used a voltage controlled voltage source in various theoretical circuits, and now I need one for something I'm making at work. I could build one out of an op-amp or some transistors, but I know there must be an IC that does this.

Searching Mouser I don't get any useful results. Does this component have another name? What is a good way to do this in the real world?

I have very few requirements for response time, etc. I just need to take a 0-24V DC control signal and a 24V supply and turn this into a 0-10V output that can supply a small (unknown) amount of current to control another device.

Submitted August 01, 2017 at 09:21PM by TheSkyPirate
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Real-world voltage-controlled voltage source

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