UPDATE: Attaching outboard to sit-on-top kayak

UPDATE: Attaching outboard to sit-on-top kayak

Hi all!

About a month ago, I made a post on here asking for suggestions on the best design for an outboard motor mount for my sit-on-top kayak.

I got lots of great tips, and ended up basing my build around a 'fulcrum around the rear handle' design, as suggested by /u/Smoochtime.

Here is the album of the build: http://ift.tt/2w9Pqf6

I noticed that my door-frame pull up bar was shaped very similarly to what I needed, and after some slight bending it became the base of the structure. Then, I simply needed a couple of bits of wood to hold everything in place.

The whole mount wedges/anchors itself in very tightly, and only needs a couple of zip ties to secure it to the boat – no drilling or permanent mounting needed! All the parts are primed+painted in heavy duty water-resistant paint, and the tubes were filled with expanding foam to keep the water out.

Overall, I'm super pleased with the outcome. I took the yak for it's first engine-powered outing a few days ago and it worked perfectly!

I still plan to do some more work on the build. Twisting around from the seated position to hold the steering rod of the outboard is super awkward, so I plan to extend the throttle cable to be in front of me, and lock the left/right rudder motion of the outboard in place…and simply steer with my paddles. If that doesn't work great, I'll also add some steering cables+pulleys to a convenient control in front of me.

Submitted August 03, 2017 at 06:20AM by Zman420
via reddit http://ift.tt/2uZW8G5

UPDATE: Attaching outboard to sit-on-top kayak

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