Salary Questions/Help

Salary Questions/Help


I just received my first full time offer as a Manufacturing Engineer (yay) from a big name defense contractor. However I have some questions and concerns before I accept and I'm hoping that someone or anyone can help me out!

The offer is in California and my initial salary was 66k. I asked if the salary was negotiable and was told that it was only negotiable if I had a competing offer. Seeing as how I just wrapped up my internship it would be near impossible to procure a competing offer in a weeks time. I also feel like I am getting totally shafted in terms of salary but being from Texas I can't verify that 100%.

Is there anything I can do? I feel like this salary is not reasonable especially considering I now have 3 internships + 2 years research + 3.4 GPA. I know that doesn't mean I will get maxed out on entry level offers but entry level ME positions in California are put at about 71k.

If anyone could help or offer some advice that would be much appreciated.

Submitted August 04, 2017 at 03:56PM by Roamingkillerpanda
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Salary Questions/Help

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