Voluntold to Transfer Departments. Looking for Good Machinery Respources.

Voluntold to Transfer Departments. Looking for Good Machinery Respources.

Brief background: I graduated last summer at a maritime academy with a marine systems engineering degree. It’s pretty much marine engineering and naval architecture and is generally high level design and some more of the operational stuff. Not too much of the nitty-gritty detail design. I had a 7-mo stint at a startup developing biodiesel additives. In April, I was hired by a shipbuilder in their piping department. We’ve been kind of short on work since we have so many people and our current project is winding down. The machinery department however has been experience high turnover (more than the company overall) for the last year and the last engineer with any real experience just put in his two weeks. Soo long story short, I was voluntold to transfer to their department. Their chief was hired about the same time I was. The majority of the work done by machinery is manufacturing support, specifically in regards to propulsion system alignment.

Problem: It’s just going to be me and the department head. Since I went to a maritime academy, I somehow have more maritime/marine engineering knowledge than my boss. The guy that put in his two weeks, is going to be out of office for the next week, so I’ll have a total of one more day to train with him. I’m going to have to educate myself. I was chosen since my education will lend itself to the preliminary design work for new builds. My education does not help with the manufacturing/alignment support work that I’m expected to do in the meantime.

Request: What are some good resources to learn about things like power/propulsion trains, metrology, machining, and/or alignment. Preferably marine based, but I understand how sparse that can be. The two bosses above my new boss, apparently are willing to spend a bit of money for courses from vendors to fill in some gaps in education I might have. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: Of course I had a typo in the heading…

Submitted August 04, 2017 at 12:15PM by derkokolores
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Voluntold to Transfer Departments. Looking for Good Machinery Respources.

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