Shortage of Workers for Utilities?

Shortage of Workers for Utilities?

Hey guys, I have somewhat of a broad question. I was talking to an older guy in western Massachusetts a couple weeks ago, and we ended up talking about his job for a bit. He works for an electric utility in the western part of the state (he didn't mention a company name and I didn't ask) and he mentioned a couple interesting things, which is where my questions come in. I'm sure that there's a good pool of insight in the folks here.

He said that his utility, among many others, is coming up on a period that will find them with a serious lack of workers. He noted that he and a lot of folks at the utility, like many others, are older and will be retiring fairly soon. He mentioned that utilities have had trouble hiring folks to get them into the training pipeline to turn them into suitable replacements for the folks who will be getting out in the near term. I believe he said that this situation will run from linesman positions up to the higher ranking folks in utilities as well.

Have you heard of anything along this line? If you work for a utility or know a good bit about it, does this ring true to you?

If you are or have worked for an electric, water, or gas utility, can I ask you to describe your job just a bit? What a typical day is like, you educational level, and how frequently you get outdoors and do manual work?

I know that that's a bit of a wall of text, but I appreciate any and all thoughts that you have. Thanks a bunch for your time, I appreciate it.

Submitted August 06, 2017 at 12:26PM by NashotaBig
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Shortage of Workers for Utilities?

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