help(?) thrust bearing question

help(?) thrust bearing question

TLDR, I need a thrust bearing capable of ~2° pos, 0° neg displacement for use in a vibration absorbing coupling.

I am working on a project to retrofit a vibration absorbing coupling onto a large machine tool. There are a number of couplings I can choose from and that portion should be no problem. My problem is the that shaft (4” or 6”) will be under roughly 5000lb axial load (tension).

My plan is to mount the coupling between the spindle face and the bar clamp so the coupling would also be subject to the axial load and would be pulled apart. To overcome this, the easy solution is to have a short through shaft with a thrust bearing holding the coupling together. I expect to see +1-2°, -0° displacement of my coupling at a high frequency at times. It is my understanding that this will quickly destroy a rolling element bearing (brinelling), but I do not think a plain bearing (Al.bronze on steel) will move freely while under load. We have a unit made a few years ago for another machine with a plain bearing, but I think it could be better. Here’s a pic, note that the green parts are already existing (spindle face plate and bar clamp) and the bronze colored part would be the bronze bushings.

Any thoughts? does a bearing exist that can do what i am trying to do?

Submitted August 10, 2017 at 01:44PM by MilmoWK
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help(?) thrust bearing question

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