Building Sustainability Engineering?

Building Sustainability Engineering?

Anyone have experience in this field? I'm searching for jobs and noticed this posting at a consulting firm. I'm hoping someone in this field could give me a good idea of what to expect and what it is they do day-to-day.

Given the job description I thought I may be a good fit because they're looking for someone with experience with multiple disciplines. I spent a few years with Johnson Controls and 6 years after that working with multiple disciplines on the construction side of projects as a coordinator.

I feel like I may be under qualified with a lack of design experience and no LEED designation, but I had a preliminary phone interview that went alright. It didn't get into the technicals though.

Anyways, if anyone has insight I'd appreciate it!

Submitted August 10, 2017 at 07:09PM by CDNconstructor
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Building Sustainability Engineering?

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