[computer] Industry Insight Requested

[computer] Industry Insight Requested

I'm heading into my 3rd semester at my uni, and starting to reach a fork in the road between CompSci and CompEng majors. I love the idea of both majors equally, and choosing at this point basically comes down to which industry interests me more. I don't really have a good handle on the CompEng industry, so I was hoping some of you could paint a picture for me.

I took a freshman seminar class in CompEng, and each week a guest speaker would come in and talk about their work. 9/10 times it was an R&D prof who was designing some application specific chip- a job that looked boring as hell.

One week we had a compsci prof who specialized in network defense/security and integrity and told tales of building networks and managing macro scale computing systems out in the working world. He was a cool dude, I was captivated, and now I'm looking forward to taking his OS building class in a few semesters.

It turned me onto the idea of a Network Architect, if there even is such a job, or some kind of tech consulting position where I get to pick out the hardware and put it all together from top to bottom, left to right, and code it all up nicely- tailored specifically to the corporate customers request. My favorite thing to do at home is mess around with arduinos/rasbpi and my home network, and generally just using my own two hands to bring something practical to life from scratch.

I love a healthy mix of hardware and software, and a job that throws something new at me every day. I've always been wary of compsci because it sounds like a clear cut route to a repetitive coding desk job.

Do I sound more like a computer scientist or a computer engineer?

edit: I'm somewhat intrigued by A.I., but am afraid I'll miss out on any hardware opportunities and just be stuck behind a keyboard

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[computer] Industry Insight Requested

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