Has anyone left the private sector to work for the Army Corps of Engineers?

Has anyone left the private sector to work for the Army Corps of Engineers?

I'm considering getting out of my 70ish hour a week construction management position and taking a job with the Army Corps of Engineers. It will be about a $40,000 pay cut but I REALLY want a better work/life balance and less stress.

I've talked to plenty of people who have gone straight into the USACE but nobody who has left management in the private sector to join.


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Has anyone left the private sector to work for the Army Corps of Engineers?

Mechanical engineering question (for tutorial)

Mechanical engineering question (for tutorial)

A lawn roller has radius 0.2 m, mass of 80 kg and mass moment of inertia of 2.45 kg-m2. The roller is pushed forward with a force of F=200 N when the handle is at 45 degrees. The coefficient of static and kinetic friction between the ground and the roller are 𝜇𝑠 = 0.12 and 𝜇𝑘 =0.10 respectively. What is the angular acceleration of the roller? Will it rotate without slipping or will it slip?

If anyone would have the time to fully explain this to me I would be endlessly grateful as my exam is on Wednesday. Thanks !

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Mechanical engineering question (for tutorial)

never have had a phone interview before

never have had a phone interview before

Good afternoon ladies and gents, I've never had a phone interview before and have one this week. In february I had an in person interview for a different position for the same company. What type of questions should I expect with a phone interview? It is a large company that was started locally.

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never have had a phone interview before

Quitting my job?

Quitting my job?

Background I'm an engineering student at the minute in UK starting a mechanical engineering degree next year, qualified welder and have better than most academics.

Thinking of quitting my job for a few reasons, have previous over a years experience to starting my current job as a cnc plasma operator, welder and general fabricator and have been in it for 7 months, get along with everyone well. Today (one of the days I'm not in) two spray bars for a terex screener go "missing" and since I'm not in blame points to me not for the first time almost a monthly occurrence since everyone points the finger and the person who cannot defend themselves.. Anyway was working Saturday overtime with no management and bar the strange disappearance of two parts which regularly happens whether it gets lost at the paint shop, sand blasting or welding areas they seem to think I didn't get enough done due to no fault of my own the plasma cutter was down a motor so I instead rung the foreman and he said for me to just cut and weld small 75mm parts of which I did 100 off and tidied the already messy area I was working in, apparently 1 every three minutes isn't enough as I had did 100 in an hour before which I don't remember doing and is also impossible…

So basically he has said we would talk about it tomorrow regarding both things, on top of this they have really been cracking down on PPE recently and I am not fond of this but still wear it however often i do not when using hand tools such as a wrench as I don't deem it necessary, they disagree and if I am seen doing it again I am to be sent home… Basically all is a lot of pressure and unnecessary stress for me at the minute for frankly things which are not my fault and to be honest I think I work harder than most often covering people when they aren't in etc and missing days of college etc for a wage I could get delivering pizzas…. Mostly here for the experience and dont appreciate being called on for things I did not do. So thinking quitting tomorrow. Does anyone know the best way of doing this as I have never left a job for bad reasons before and the foreman is also coincidentally my good friends father and wouldn't want to leave on bad terms with him. Just seems like I'm being used at the minute and should be paid more than I am. Also exhausted the experience gained from this job in my opinion.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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Quitting my job?

is it possible to use an Electric Motor to simulate various power gas engines?

is it possible to use an Electric Motor to simulate various power gas engines?

I am looking to test some components of a product. In a perfect world, these parts would be tested in field conditions, this is not always feasible or cost effective when dealing with gas engines. Is it possible to buy a single electric motor to match our highest powered engine ~8hp and use I guess a VFD to simulate various torque outputs at typically 3400 rpm (I guess switching between speed limited and torque limited like a bench power supply would for current and voltage).

I would assume I also need some sensing capability so if the torque is ~125% of what was entered for a given amount of time, then it would cut off because something likely broke. To me it makes the most sense currently for the limited space we have and to sell the idea, to buy one motor and one controller that would be used for hp ranging from fractional to 8hp.

*Am I thinking about this in the right way? *What companies would you recommend I look into? *How would you handle this differently?

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is it possible to use an Electric Motor to simulate various power gas engines?

Finding a job without experience?

Finding a job without experience?

I’m currently a senior majoring in mechanical engineering graduating in December 2018. However I didn’t get an internship and am a bit worried about finding a job afterwards. Any tips or recommendations? Anybody else go through this? Thanks in advance

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Finding a job without experience?